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Are you ready for your future?

Change is your factor of success – professional career planning & career coaching are your guarantee for sustainable economic success in the business community

There will always be a phase in your life when you ask yourself one of those questions:

  • What's the destination of my career?
  • Which job actually suits me? Should I reorientate myself?
  • What are the next objectives of my career planning and how will I achieve them in a most efficient way?
  • How do I get the job I actually want?
  • What are my capabilities to further develop the components of my career?
  • What did I do already to advance my career? What is useful?
  • Is changing the job a step in the right direction right now?
  • What competence profile do I have and how much of it can I use more efficiently for my career?
  • Do I tap my full professional potential or do I risk to get stuck in a dead-end job?
  • How can I resume my career after a parental leave and how do I cope successfully with family and career planning?
  • Where will my professional career leads me in the next five to ten years?

Young and highly motivated women in particular ask themselves more frequently:

  • Do I see myself as a future executive in the company?
  • What do I need to assume leadership?
  • How can I successfully convince my colleagues and employees?
  • How do I successfully negotiate and sell my strategy in a team dominated by 80 percent of men?
  • How do I encourage my employees even more at work?
  • Which style of leadership suits my business best?
  • How do I delegate responsibilities upwards?

Careers advice and career coaching will enable you to make decisions and helps you to develop a clear and motivating professional goal.

What does career coaching evokes in you?

Career coaching will increase your willpower and your assertiveness, so you can exploit your competencies and follow your intrinsic passions. A long-term success of your career can only be achieved if you are enthusiastic about your vocation. Clear aims and a distinct course of action will be the results for your professional career.

What can a careers advice do for you?

Careers advice will provide you with stimuli for your self-marketing while you are on your way to a successful vocational future. This can be a perfect optimised application file, the correct appearance on a job interview or on salary negotiations with your company.


Your career coach and career advisor supports you in determining you occupational status und will identify the right steps to further develop your individual career in cooperation with you.


Being a educated Systemic Management Coach (SMC®) and using scientifically recognised methods like the structural analysis of motives (Motivstrukturanalyse, MSA®), the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), or the DISC® assessment coupled with a long-time professional experience I will support you in your personal strategic career development. In conjunction with you I will find the right solution for your professional topic.


* Coaching sessions are principally tax-deductible.


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